About us

In private life you need inspiration to make good decisions. In business is more or less the same. The only difference is that business inspiration integrates, together with common sense and wisdom, a lot of information and business knowledge. Here we are, trying to bring a spark of business inspiration to our clients.

Founded in 2006, Visionwise has been developed on the structure of the Marketing Services Division of Daedalus MillwardBrown– the leading marketing research company in Romania. Starting with June 2014 Visionwise become part of Millward Brown!
Capitalizing its expertise in business knowledge, combined with marketing research and business intelligence, the new company is better focusing on amplifying the clients’return on marketing investment.

In short, the mission of the company is to leverage marketing activities to create competitive advantage and maximize business value for the clients.

Visionwise is ready to help its customers to:

  • develop and sustain company vision,
  • capitalize market opportunities,
  • increase business agility,
  • optimize marketing processes.