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Picture 10

Banking in Romania. Competitive Intelligence, January 2009

Many banks decided to discontinue CHF loans during November 2008 – January 2009 and directed their focus towards launching new cards and online banking products.
Volksbank was the surprise of the first 9 months of 2008, as it entered the top 3 banks by assets by switching places with Raiffeisen Bank.
In terms of POS and ATM network, BRD is leader for POSs – 16,000 as of January 2009, while BCR is leader for ATMs – 1,800 as of January 2009.

Banking in Romania Download
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20_Ocean Rig, Competitive profiling, Sep2010 - poza coperta

Ocean Rig. Competitive Profiling – September 2010

Ocean Rig is a company active on the global offshore drilling market. The company owns 2 ultra-deepwater drilling rigs, both of them in class 5 out of 6 class ranks possible. In 2011, 16 new drillships will be available worldwide, out of which Ocean Rig accounts for 4. The company is owned by Dryships Inc (Greece) – operator of dry bulk carriers and offshore oil deep water drilling.

On the long term, DryShips plans to prepare Ocean Rig for an IPO. Q1 2010 was the initial rumored date, but now observers believe it won’t happen until 2011. Also, in early 2010, a possible takeover was also rumored.
The company has a rather poor stock evolution, determined mainly by general industry difficulties (not only drilling, but also shipping – which accounts for more than 50% of Dryship business).

The most important weakness of the company at this moment is the fact that it does not have employment contracts for its drillships under construction. As time passes by, if the price of crude oil were to fall again to depressed levels, the company may not be able to negotiate charter agreements at attractive rates.

Ocean Rig. Competitive Profiling Download
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13_Celebritati in Spoturile din Romania, SmarkKnowHow2010 - poza coperta

Celebrities in Romanian TV Ads

Presented at Celebrity Endorsement, 25 November 2010, organized by Smark KnowHow

Starting from a database of 2546 commercials promoted during 2004-October 2010, Visionwise Consulting has identified several trends in celebrity usage in Romanian advertisements. The most important one is that companies seem to use celebrity ads at an increasingly higher scale; in the last four years, these ads have grown their share in the total number of ads and registered an average annual growth rate of 28.7%.

The top of personalities used in commercials, ranked according to the number of commercials made, is dominated by male figures; only 4 women were listed in the top 20 positions. If women are mostly considered for advertisements s in industries like pharmaceuticals, automotive and cosmetics, men are the preferred choice in banking, beer, social and telecommunications.

Celebritati in Spoturile din Romania Download
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12_Strategii de promovare la raft si impactul lor asupra consumatorilor, TradeRoundTable2010 - poza coperta

Strategies for shelf promotions and their impact upon the consumer

presented at Trade Round Table, 7th Edition – 21 October 2010, organised by Magazinul Progresiv Magazine

As crisis effects become more and more obvious, the consumer becomes increasingly dominated by a pessimistic attitude; this situation has an important impact upon the way they percieve marketing activities. 58.3% of consumers consider that this period means threats rather than opportunities, an important increase versus the 46% registered last year.

During August 2008-August 2010, the consumption incidence has remained constant and even grew a little for base products like oil, yogurt, still water, but decreased for nice to have products – situation seen in chocolate, fruit yoghurt, nectar/juice.

Altough there are differences from one segment to another, there is a visible movement in promotional activities from the volume/loialisation area towads activation/new acquisitions.
The analysis of the efficiency of promotions is based on Promowatch, a proprietary tool of Visionwise Consulting.

Strategii de promovare la raft si impactul lor asupra consumatorilor Download
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11_Consumatorul roman prins intre promotie si brand, ModernBuyer2010 - poza coperta

The Romanian Consumer – caught between promotion and brand

presented at the conference “Dry food: How did retailers and suppliers transformed the crisis in an opportunity” – 10 June 2010, organized by Modern Buyer Magazine

The comparative analysis of the consumption behavior between 2009 and 2010 showed that, for the majority of the dry food categories under analysis, over 50% of consumers choose the brand in the store rather than at home. The only category that does not fit into this statistic is coffee – it has only 21% of consumers making the brand choice in the store.

The promotions seem to be one of the most important reasons for this situation. Furthermore, 4 out of top 5 reasons considered when making a brand choice in the store are promotion-related.
The analysis of the efficiency of promotions is based on Promowatch, a proprietary tool of Visionwise Consulting.

Consumatorul roman prins intre promotie si brand Download
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10_Strategii si abordari ale promotiilor in Romania, TradeRoundTable2009 - poza coperta

Strategies and approaches towards promotional activities in Romania March – September 2009

presented at Trade Round Table, 6th Edition – 22 October 2009, organised by Magazinul Progresiv Magazine

The promotional activities used in Romania are different from market to market. For instance, the most widely used promotion in the yoghurt segment is „more products/same price”, while the non-carbonated soft drinks segment mostly uses the „special price” promotion. The average discount offered though promotional activities made during March – September 2009, was valued at 19.6% for yoghurt and 14.8% for coffee.

The evaluation of the promotions used by 4 large FMCG segments in Romania – yoghurt, coffee, beer and non carbonated soft drinks, revealed, though comparison, which are the most efficient promotions made during the analysed period.
The analysis of the efficiency of promotions is based on Promowatch, a proprietary tool of Visionwise Consulting.

Strategii si abordari ale promotiilor in Romania Download
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Picture 11

Reckitt Benckiser. Company Profile, July 2009

Reckitt Benckiser is present on the following segments within the household products market: fabric care, surface care, dishwashing, home care and health & personal care. The company also has two non-strategic businesses: food and pharmaceuticals.
The company had a strong financial position both in 2008 and the first quarter of 2009. In 2009, the company launched a cost cutting program that aims to achieve savings of 30 million pounds.
Reckitt Benckiser is heavily focused on innovation (35% of its revenue came from products launched during the last three years) and R&D (~180 million dollars were invested in this segment in 2008).

Reckitt Benckiser Download
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9_Forta de Munca Viitoare, HRBrands2009 - poza coperta

New Workforce in Romania (Romanian only)

presented at HRBrands event, 28 April 2009, organized by Catalyst Recruitment Solutions

Due to a large market of graduates, combined with technical and foreign languages abilities, Romania has been a favorable location for the opening of large outsourcing/call center/software/R&D centers – both in Bucharest and in other important university cities in Romania. Setting up such a center requires a 3 dimensional evaluation: available work force, competition for the same workforce and location-related costs.

Starting from this reality, Visionwise designed a case study covering the number and abilities of students in 3 large cities in Romania. The case study compares 3 important elements in the evaluation of workforce potential: number of students, number of foreign languages speakers and number of students in engineering, economics or human sciences.

Forta de munca viitoare Download
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8_Antreprenorul, Marketingul si Recesiunea, GoodToGo2009 - poza coperta

The entrepreneur, the marketing and the recession (Romanian only)

presented at GoodtoGo conference, 6-12 April 2009, organized by the student organization VIP Volunteers for Ideas and Projects

The presentation covers several important issues on marketing and entrepreneurship, bringing the discussion near the realities of our times. “10 (ten) steps for a successful start up”, “A brief discussion about positioning” and “Marketing in recession times” are the 3 sub-themes covered by this presentation made for students that want to become entrepreneurs.

Antreprenorul, Marketingul si Recesiunea Download
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7_Credit Influencers in Romania, 2009 - poza coperta

Credit influencers in Romania. An aggregate analysis of primary research, latest news regarding competitors and statistical indicators (English only)

March 2009

The main entities that influence the banking services industry in Romania are (1) Companies, though their managers (2) Consumers and (3) Competition.
After a few months of highly negative market feel, the managers got used to the idea of “crisis” and see somewhat lower negative effects on the market. The statistical indicators show major downturns in almost all areas.
Consumers expect their purchasing power to diminish strongly in the year to come. Intention to take up a loan is reduced by more than a half.
Competitors already have crisis-adapted approaches. Bankers see consolidation, orientation towards services and strive for balance as main trends on the market.

Credit Influencers in Romania Download
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6_StudiuTerenuriIlfovAbstract, March 2009 - poza coperta

The evolution of the land market in Ilfov County during March 2008 – March 2009, March 2009 (Romanian only)

In March 2009, the average euro price of a sqm of land in Ilfov County was 13.2% lower as compared to March 2008. The drop is most obvious for unincorporated and/or large plots, but high differences are noticed between regions and between cities.
The most expensive area was by far the North West of the county with an average price of 146 euro/sqm, followed by the East region with 82.5 euro/sqm. However, in terms of land availability, it is worth mentioning that the largest number of offers was registered for the South region of the county, especially Berceni and Popesti Leordeni areas.

Evolutia pietei terenurilor in judetul Ilfov Download
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Picture 9

Romanian Mobile Communications Market. Competitive Profiling – COSMOTE, December 2008

In 2008, Cosmote’s network covered 80% of population and 87% of territory. The company had 5.2 million subscribers in Q3 2008, 86.2% more versus the same
period a year ago, a fact that generated the strong increase (108%) in Q3 2008 revenue, over Q3 2007.

In order to be more competitive, Cosmote plans to acquire a WiMAX license, alone or in cooperation with Romtelecom.

In 2009, Cosmote plans to focus on developing offers for the business sector, in cooperation with Romtelecom. The company also aims to extend Direct Debit
payment facilities with other banking groups, besides Banca Transilvania.

Romanian Mobile Communications Market Download
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5_CumSeRedeseneazaOIndustrie, ZileleBiz2008 - poza coperta

How to (re)design an industry (Romanian only)

presented at ZileleBiz, 24-28 November 2008, organized by Biz magazine

Many industries go down in time, but some of them also go up.

Revolutionary design is one way to change an industry. Quality design transmits an impulse to the market, extends the duration of industry cycles, reduces costs and increases brand equity. Excellent design solves the users’ problems before they even show up and redesigns industries by shifting bargaining power in favour of the product/company.

Cum sa (re) desenezi o industrie Download
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3_ZecePasiPentruUnStartupDeSuccess, ZileleBizCluj2008 - poza coperta

10 (ten) steps for a successful start-up (Romanian only)

Presented at ZileleBiz Cluj, 12-13 November 2008, organized by Biz magazine

When you’re at the beginning of a road and you’re planning setting up a business of your own, you need some key points on which to concentrate your attention.
The presentation “10 (ten) steps for a successful start up” covers all the key aspects that you should consider before becoming an entrepreneur: the courage, the idea, the plan, the money, the moment, the team, the clients, the competition, the passion and the field of activity. Each of these elements is covered in depth, with details related to the type of skills required in order to perform successfully and details related to the people/the organizations that could help you on this road.

Zece pasi pentru un Start-up de success Download
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Picture 12

Dyes and Varnishes Market in Romania. Competitive Analysis, October 2008

Active companies in the Dyes and Varnishes sector registered a cumulative turnover worth 288.2 million euro in 2006.
The industry is mainly developed in Bucharest, Ilfov, Valcea, Olt, Timisoara and Iasi.
The market is highly concentrated, the first 4 players (Policolor, Köber, Fabryo and düfa Deutek) generating almost 50% of the industry’s 2006 turnover. Düfa and Sarcom are the 2 top performers in terms of profitability in 2006.

Dyes and Varnishes Market in Romania Download
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4_Piata restaurantelor din Romania, FSIF 2008 - poza coperta

The restaurants market in Romania. 7 slides about companies and clients (Romanian only)

presented at Food Service Industry Forum 2008, 15 May 2008, organized by the Food and Bar Magazine

In 2007 the restaurants market in Romania is valued at over 1 billion euro. The overall turnover registered by restaurants between 2003 and 2006 has grown by an annual average of 30.6%. The coffee shops have registered a more accentuated dynamic – with an annual average growth rate of 34.6% during 2003-2006. In terms of profitability, only 55% of restaurants posted figures in black in 2006.
In general, Romanians go out to a restaurant in order to meet with their friends. Food and service quality are top criteria used by Romanians to choose amongst restaurants.
On average, Romanians left a tip worth on 6.83RON to the last waiter that served them.

Piata restaurantelor din Romania Download
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2_Consultanta si organizatiile aflate in faza de crestere, ZileleBiz2007 - poza coperta

The consultancy need and the companies in a growth phase (Romanian only)

Presented at ZileleBiz Cluj, 19-23 November 2007, organized by Biz magazine

The main reasons that make companies fail are related to the disappearance of the opportunity market and to management deficiencies.
The ways in which companies choose to respond to these challenges are highly related to the life cycle moment of the company. The most fragile moments in the life of a company – as its is described by the Adizes model – where consultancy can be of real support, are the ones of go-go/adolescent and aristocracy/early bureaucracy.

Consultanta si organizatiile aflate in faza de crestere Download
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1_Abordarea planului de afaceri din punct de vedere al finantatorilor, ZileleBiz2007 - poza coperta

How to make a business plan in line with the expectations of money investors. A comparison between bankers, venture capitalists and angel investors (Romanian only)

Presented at ZileleBiz Cluj, 19-23 November 2007, organized by Biz magazine

The large literature available for writing a business plan and the numerous approaches possible make it difficult to point out a single perfect recipe for a success. However, there are a few elements that each entrepreneur should pay attention to, elements that vary according to the type of money investor chosen for the development of the business.
For a bank, which is a debt investor, the financial analysis/financial scoring of a company are determinant for making the loan decision. For equity investors, the situation is rather different, as they place more emphasis on what are the general growth prospects of the market and on who is the person asking for money. The “chemistry” seems to be highly important element in the relation between an entrepreneur and an angel investor.

Abordarea planului de afaceri din punct de vedere al finantatorilor Download
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