Addressing a broad range of marketing needs, we help companies receive up to date information, timely answers to business questions and the right piece of marketing advice.


Promowatch® is the only research instrument in Romania dedicated to the evaluation of trade promotions (shelf-promotions).

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Competitive Monitoring

Competititive monitoring services deliver regular updates with competitive information and predictions about the analyzed segment.

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Industry Study

These reports focus upon the factors influencing the market, upon market size and market growth patterns and upon strategic details regarding the main industry players.

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Vehicle Depreciation Study

A tool for evaluating the residual values of passenger cars and commercial vehicles based on second hand car classified ads.

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Business inteligence

Customer Profiling

Used as a sales funneling and classic one-to-one sales approaches, profiling helps your team spend less time on get customer info and more on customer interaction.

Data mining

Data mining, consisting of Database analysis and Sales analysis services, helps companies make exploit their data in the smartest way possible.


Opportunity Studies

Opportunity studies are thorough market potential analyses design to help you make an informed investment decision.

Business Plan

You and Visionwise consultants define a detailed, actionable, plan for your company’s future success.

Marketing models

Our customized marketing models show how markets, clients and competitors interact and generate business opportunities. They prove to be the light house of any sound marketing strategy.

Marketing audit

Marketing audits provide a valuable base for evaluating the structure and competences of the department, developing marketing processes as well as optimizing the marketing strategy.