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Competitive Monitoring


What it is: The ideal tool for keeping up-to-date with your competitors actions and plans.
What it does: Provides you periodically with relevant information about chosen competitors and offers predictions for their future actions.
Competititive monitoring services deliver regular updates with competitive information and predictions about the analyzed segment.
The chosen structure is customized to each industry’s specificities and includes the most common and relevant operational and strategic elements for the analyzed industry.
This competitive monitoring tool can easily be ported on additional geographical markets for which information is available in one or more wide-spread language such as: English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.


  • Increases productivity by saving time for managers, marketers and sales people
  • Increases business agility and improves reaction time to market changes
  • Improves the level of competitive knowledge and eases out eventual gaps across the company


  • Top and Middle-management
  • Internal analysis and planning departments
  • The marketing and brand teams
  • Sales teams