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Industry Study

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What it is: Industry studies represent the starting point in understanding a market.
What it does: Industry studies analyze the most important aspects of the chosen economic segment and identify critical factors for success for the market players active in the analyzed industry.
These reports focus upon the factors influencing the market, upon market size and market growth patterns and upon strategic details regarding the main industry players.
Our industry studies follow the principles laid out by Porter’s 5 forces and include Visionwise forecasts regarding the coming sector evolution.
This type of studies can easily be ported on additional geographical markets for which information is available in one or more wide-spread language such as: English, German, French, Spanish or Italian.


•Offer a fresh consultant opinion on the analyzed industry
•Saves time and money when making market entry decisions
•Improves the level of competitive knowledge
•Is a terrific tool during the induction process


•Foreign investors
•Private equity funds
•Top and middle managers, for example those responsible for the marketing function
•The HR department