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Vehicle Depreciation Study


The Depreciation of Autovehicles

What it is: A tool for evaluating the residual values of passenger cars and commercial vehicles based on second hand car classified ads.
Starting with 2007, Visionwise has developed an innovative product aimed at helping lessors (financial leasing companies), car manufacturers and car dealers.
The tool mainly calculates the residual value (for a 5 year leasing period) for the main makes and models offered on the Romanian second hand market for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
One of the main functions of the tool is to evaluate the risk of a minimum down-payment in leasing contracts. Basically, we provide our customers with the depreciation levels for the last 5 years registered by the requested makes and models. In this way, our clients evaluate the risk of a minimum down-payment for the specific vehicles.
Also, the tool helps in evaluating the market value of existing car fleets making it possible to determine the call price of a vehicle based on make, model, production year, mileage, engine size and horse power.
A quarterly updated online application is also available and offers the possibility to determine the call price of any second hand vehicle.


  • Understanding the evolution of the second hand auto market in Romania
  • Supports the risk evaluation process within leasing companies
  • The possibility to evaluate the car fleet
  • Online tool for determining second-hand price of a car or commercial vehicle


  • Leasing companies
  • Auto-dealers
  • Car manufacturers
  • Owners of car-fleets