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Promowatch® = The Efficiency of your Shelf-Promotions

What it is: A tool for measuring the efficiency of your shelf promotions and trade marketing activities
What it does: Uses a proprietary methodology to make all shelf-promotions comparable Promowatch covers the main retail and wholesale chains and converts promotional activities to PRPs (PromoReachPoints)
Promowatch® is the only research instrument in Romania dedicated to the evaluation of trade promotions (shelf-promotions) . Focused on gauging the success of shelf-promotions, Promowatch® has been developed by Visionwise at the beginning of 2009.
Our tool compares the effect a shelf-promotion has with the invested effort measured in PRPs. The result of a promotion is measured both as the change in number of consumers – short term indicator – and in terms of market share.
The Promowatch® analysis identifies shelf-promotion strategies and patterns of a given market segment and provides the requirements for a successful shelf-promotion campaign.
The weekly deliverables provide the basis for real-time decisions and increase business agility by offering precise knowledge about competitive moves.


  • Continuous monitoring of shelf-promotions in modern trade
  • The identification of successful promotions types on specific market segments
  • The measured efficiency of the promotions initiated in a certain timeframe
  • Identification of your competitors trade promotion strategies


  • FMCG companies managing brands with shelf-promotion activities in modern trade
  • Trade marketing departments
  • Sales and marketing departments